April 9, 2017. Hop on In!

16 Apr April 9, 2017. Hop on In!


Hop on in for Easter Baskets full of gardening fun – not chocolate!


Celebrate Easter with nature’s gift of vivid colors of flowering plants. Choose from a wide variety of spring-themed Easter plants and fill your spring baskets with local color! Welcome spring with beautiful blooms from our greenhouses, we’ve been busy this winter getting everything ready!


I can’t walk by a hyacinth without thinking of my grandmother,  they were her favorite and she used them as table centerpieces for our spring gatherings. I’ve always thought it fitting that every spring season brings memories of her and reminder of my roots here at Lakeview. No matter how much we expand, grow and change, her legacy has always been what drives us and I am grateful to her every single spring for the amazing opportunity to be at the helm of this third generation family business!


Beyond family tradition and fragrant hyacinth, we’ve got tulips, daffodils, miniature roses, blooming hydrangea – the list of flowering plants you can fill your spring baskets with is endless right now! Choose some cheerful indoor plants like begonias, pansies, violets and primrose too, it’s been a long winter and everyone can use a bit of “celebrating spring” color.


We’ve created some very unique spring containers that will make wonderful gifts and centerpieces for this weekend!

Order your mulch! It’s mulch time and we are delivering 7 days a week. Mulching is one of those necessary evils of any garden – it can be back breaking work, and the results are so worth the effort for both you and your plants! Mulching helps by cutting down on weeding and better aesthetics to your plants health with moisture retention and soil temperature moderation. Mulching is a win win for everyone!


All Our Best,

Michelle and Team Lakeview