Bulk Mulches

Our Lakeview Nurseries Premium Mulch Products are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and productive garden. Available in natural and color-enhanced varieties, you can choose the mulch that creates the perfect complement to your garden design. Our mulches also help save you time, so you have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Bark Mulches:
* inhibit weeds
* conserve water
* prevent erosion
* insulate roots and bulbs from extreme hot & cold weather
* add nutrients to the soil
* encourage earthworms

Delivery Services

Our Premium Mulch products are sold by the cubic yard and can be delivered to your home or business.

To schedule a delivery please call 978-342-3770.

Pickup Services

Our Premium Mulch products can also be picked up at our Lunenburg location.
For prices please call 978-342-3770.

Super Red –Our Red Cedar Mulch is color enhanced to provide a distinct contrast between lawns and plantings. This blended mulch is very close in attributes to our Hemlock Mulch, but is dyed for a more vibrant and long lasting color that will not wash away or bleed.

$49.99 a cubic yard.  Volume discounts may apply

Hemlock – a double ground bark mulch blend that consists of mostly bark from hemlock trees. The bark from this tree gives the mulch a long lasting orange-red color. The other ingredient is bark from cedar trees. The addition of the cedar bark gives the mulch an fresh clean aroma as well as  the insect resistant qualities cedar is famous for.

$42.99 a cubic yard.  Volume discounts may apply.

Pine – a double ground Pine blend to give it a smooth texture for easy spreading and a great Golden Brown color.

$42.99 a cubic yard.  Volume discounts may apply.

Dark Black – a Pine/Cedar blend that is darkened by mixing wood ash into the mulch. After mixing, the mulch is then piled up and allowed to age. This aging process permanently darkens and stains the bark pieces so the mulch will hold that dark color for the entire season.

$42.99 a cubic yard.  Volume discounts may apply.

Screened Loam – Rich dark loam processed through a 3/4” screen to eliminate most large stones and debris.

Compost – made up of organic matter, the primary function of compost is to improve the quality of your soil. It can save you money and increase the productivity of your vegetable or flower garden.