Mulch FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much mulch do I need?

A. We recommend you mulch 3  to 4 inches deep. At this depth one cubic yard covers approximately 80 square feet. At this depth the mulch is thick enough to prevent weed growth and will also cool the soil and keep moisture from evaporating on hot days. To figure how much to buy you will need to find the square footage of the area you wish to mulch. Measure your beds and multiply the length by the width. Divide that number by 80 and this will be how many cubic yards you need.


Q. How do I order my mulch?

A. Just give us a call! We deliver 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. We will accept credit cards over the phone or you can pay our delivery driver with a check or cash (you’ll want to have the exact change as they don’t’ carry extra!). You can also stop by our Lunenburg store to arrange for delivery.


Q. Do I need to be home when the mulch truck comes?

A. No, you don’t need to be home, just leave us a marker like a tarp or wheelbarrow to let us know where you want it dumped.


Q. Does bark mulch attract termites?

A. Mulch does not attract insects, nor is it likely to support an infestation. Wood chips, on the other hand, though they don’t necessarily attract insects, would more likely support an infestation. Wood-eating insects, such as carpenter ants, target wood, not the bark, so bark mulch doesn’t usually offer anything attractive to them. Termites also eat wood instead of bark, so buy the best mulch you can (one with very little actual wood in it).


Q. Is your mulch treated?

A. NO! We do not treat our mulches with any chemicals. They are all organic.


Q. What’s the best kind of mulch to use?

A. The type of mulch you use depends on your landscape. Colored mulches like Super Red or Black tend to add contrast to shrub and garden beds. Natural colored mulches like Pine and Hemlock have a traditional look and blend well with all applications. You are always welcome to stop by our store and see the mulch piles in person to help you determine the exact kind you want to use.


Q. How many yards will my truck hold?

A. A standard size pick up bed holds 2 cubic yards. A small pick up bed holds one.


Q. If I buy bags how many will I need?

A. You will need 13.5 two cubic foot bags to make one cubic yard (27 cubic feet).


Q. How often will I need to mulch?

A. This will depend on what kind of mulch you get and how fresh you like your landscape to look. To keep “bark” mulches looking fresh you will need to mulch once every year since they tend to break down over time and enrich the soil below. Colored mulches may fade over time. To keep them looking good you may need to top-dress them once every year. Top dressing is applying about an inch of mulch on top of existing mulched beds.


Q. Will mulch keep my beds weed free?

A. It will depend on your bed preparation. Mulch will help eliminate most of your weeds and make any that do come up easy to pull. For a totally weed free bed it is best to use a weed barrier and then put mulch on top of it. To prevent weed seeds that may blow in to your beds and germinate, use Jonathan Greens Weed Screen. The weed screen is a granular product you spread over the finished mulch bed and it prevents seeds from germinating. Weed screen will not harm any existing plants like perennials, shrubs or trees.