Home and Garden

Shop Lakeview Nurseries for all of the finishing touches for your home landscape. Our garden center features a great selection of pottery and garden planters, fountains, garden art – plus a bit of whimsy with fairy gardens!


The sound of running water is not only calming but has a psychological cooling effect! Don’t believe us? It’s true, research shows that the sound of water has numerous beneficial effects. Add the sound of water to your yard, patio or garden and find out for yourself!
Both Lakeview locations have a great selection of fountains in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes. We can help you find the perfect fit for your very own garden paradise.


Fashion for Plants!
Whether you live in an apartment, a home with a large yard, love container gardens or simply want to make a stunning statement on your office desk, we’ve got your pot. Lakeview’s garden centers have the best assortment of pottery for the garden, patio or indoor houseplants. Choose from glazed pottery in every shape, size, color and style. We also have light-weight pots, cast iron urns, whiskey barrels….the collection is huge – and changes every season!

Home Decor & Accents

Let the beauty of each season shine – not only in the garden, but in your home and office too. Lakeview’s garden centers have a great selection of garden inspired decor and gifts. Just like a garden, our selection of garden themed gifts and decor changes with the seasons and holidays.

Fairy Gardens

Fairies have long been fixtures in fables, myths and folklore and now they can be part of your gardens story too. Welcome fairies to your garden by setting up a miniature garden full of plants, furniture, houses and whimsical features that tickle your imagination.

You may think that creating a fairy garden is a daunting task.  However, it is easier to do than ever as our garden centers here at Lakeview are obsessed with miniature items. A project like this is for both young and old alike!  Adults and children will enjoy the delightful surprises they bring at each turn. But we will forewarn you, miniature gardens can be highly addicting!