Make Your Own Masterpiece Kits!

You all know how this story goes. You walk into the garden center, you’ve got one pot to fill and you’re excited to pick 3-5 flowers for it — but suddenly you see HUNDREDS of colorful choices. Your quick and fun project has now turned into looking at row after row after row of flowers. Tall, trailing, filler or accent? Cool colors or contrasts? You knew exactly what you wanted when you walked into our store, but as soon as you saw the HUNDREDS of options you started second guessing your original idea.

We know we are plant geeks and we also know we offer way too many choices. No one really needs 48 varieties of Supertunias when 5 basic colors would cover every single need. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing” or “Nothing succeeds like excess” probably isn’t the best business model but we can’t help ourselves. If one new black petunia variety is amazing then surely a black with spots, a black with a hint of a yellow center, a black with a hint of a pink center and a black with a stripe must be super duper amazing, right? If you expected me to make it easy for you by narrowing down your choices you’ve never read a single one of my blogs!

How are you supposed to know which flowers to pick? No worries, we’ve got this! This spring we are offering at least 8 of our favorite tried and true combinations that have all proven their ability to work well together and look absolutely beautiful. We are featuring these color combinations in an easy, all you need to grow it kit. We’ve named them Make A Masterpiece kits and they’ll be available starting the first week of April.

I’m excited about these kits because we have finally found a way to share how fun and rewarding it is to work in our greenhouses every spring. By fun and exciting I really mean stressful, overwhelming and oftentimes frustrating but nonetheless oh so rewarding when we see the results of all that work! It’s stressful for us to order, schedule and grow thousands of plants, but we know the excitement that comes from watching the very first pansy flower bud crack open. That excitement is what we want for you to experience. We traditionally pick our combinations, order the baby plants, pots, soils and all that and spend the early spring growing them for you. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could leave all the stress and frustration of picking plants, pots and soils to us and you could just grow the baby plants on yourself? The idea came to us last spring while we were putting together new projects for lots of parents and kids who were home looking for new ideas.

I love this idea because it also gives me an opportunity to show you some new plants you might not have tried on your own. If I told you a Petchoa could change your life, most of you would roll your eyes and grab the same Wave Petunia you’ve grown for 5 years! Maybe a Petchoa won’t actually change your life, but it will definitely change your attitude about trying new plants! Look for one of my favorite Petchoas (SuperCali Rose) in the Lipstick & Lace combination available in May. You can thank me in July.

Each kit includes a 10” pot, all the soil you need to fill it, the plants we’ve picked to make the combination, enough fertilizer to get them going for a few months and a map to show you how to plant them. Easy Peasy. The kits are easy enough to do with children, to give as gifts or just to enjoy yourself. Most kits will take about 6 weeks from planting to fully flowering.



April 11 – 18th

Dreaming of Spring




Italian Herb Combo

Aril 17 – 25th




Spring Has Sprung

April 17 – 25th





April 24 – May 1st




Golden Blush

May 1 – 9th



Dancing Till Dawn

May 1 – 9th




Lipstick & Lace

May 8 – 16th



Touch of Lavender

May 8 – 16th




So you don’t want to wait the 6 weeks to get the finished product? We’ve got you covered there too. We still have greenhouses full of all our favorite plants, hanging baskets and combinations. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and sneak peaks.

Looking for something new to do this spring? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! These kits will be available for purchase on our website and we will post them on both Facebook and Instagram. Our greenhouses are filling up with baby plants and it won’t be long until Spring comes to a garden near you!

Michelle and the Plant Geeks at Lakeview!