How To Plant A Tree

Trees and shrubs planted in the best soils are like your feet in the perfect pair of shoes!

  1. Dig a Hole – at least twice as wide, but no deeper than the size of the ball or container of each plant.
  2. Mix the Soil – you have removed from the hole half and half with Black Forest Shrub and Tree Planting Mix or Garden Elements Plant Starter.
  3. Gently Remove the Plant – from the container or wire basket! Place plant in the center of the hole. If applicable remove as much burlap as possible without disturbing the root ball.
  4. Pack Soil Thoroughly Рaround the root ball to ensure there are no air pockets.
  5. Water Thoroughly – Use 1 gallon for every 2″ of hole diameter. It is vital that you do not stress newly transplanted shrubs and trees by allowing them to dry out to the point of wilting. Water daily for the first 3 days, then thoroughly every three to four days for the first three months, then weekly for the rest of the growing season. (More often in drought conditions).
  6. Mulching – can be of great benefit when done correctly. Mulching will reduce weeds, moderate soil temperatures and conserve soil moisture! Mulch should be placed in a wide band around the planting hole at a depth of 2-4″. The mulch should not touch the trunk of the plant.

Plant with confidence – It’s Guaranteed!